What is a Personal Trainer Certification?


In the journey of getting a personal trainer certification, as a part of your personal trainer course, you will be taught to create training programs and workouts for a wide range of customers and clients, including elder adults and adolescents as per their personal needs.

You will also be taught the significance of nutrition as well as how medical conditions and injuries should be managed. Also you will learn about a diverse array of equipment that a personal training will use and, operate in varied environments. You will learn how to create and design training programs for individuals, group training or functional training. Along with this, the course will cover the basics to successfully operate and market a small-scale fitness business. As there are a number of courses for Personal Trainers are available, you can choose to study on campus or online.

Who Can Become a Personal Fitness Trainer?

  • Individuals who possess the passion and drive to help others achieve their fitness and health goals.
  • Individuals who possess the drive and motivation to pursue a career as a personal trainer.
  • Individuals who possess a natural liking to exercise and fitness.

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Why Choose A Personal Fitness Trainer Course?

As people now have longer life spans and there is also a rise in obesity and health related diseases like diabetes; the need for fitness and health services is higher than ever. The fitness industry is blooming and you can blossom with it too. The opportunities now for personal fitness trainers are everywhere, with a number of options like:

  • Outdoor trainer
  • Personal trainer
  • Personal training manager
  • Injury recovery trainer
  • Trainer for the elderly
  • Bodybuilder trainer
  • Sports trainer

Another reason to be certified is that if you would like to apply for a liability insurance, you need to get certified as a personal trainer first.

Who Will Be Your Coach?

You’ll be coached by individuals who have years of experience and expertise in training a wide array of people, from mum to professional athletes.

Your coaches will be passionate and dedicated, and very experienced. Along with having industry qualifications, most of them frequently present at many fitness conventions across national as well as international platforms and contribute to many reputable fitness journals and magazines. This will be a valuable opportunity for you to learn from the veteran industry experts and gain as much knowledge as you can.

Entry Requirements

The usual eligibility criteria for studying Personal Fitness Training is that the individual must have a Certificate III or equivalent in Fitness along with evidence. The student must also have access to a PC and internet, be at least 17 years of age, and also meet acceptance criteria of The Institute, which often includes an interview and demonstration of satisfactory literacy, language and numeracy skills.

Areas that are usually covered in personal training courses are

  • Operating and marketing of a small scale fitness business.
  • Personal Training equipment and modalities.
  • Formulating of short & long-term personal training programs.
  • Functional training & injury management.
  • Assessing the client, including their flexibility and posture.
  • Advanced conditioning and strength techniques.
  • Nutrition for performance and health.
  • Training with the elderly clients.
  • Social skills for facilitating setting of goals & behavioral changes.
  • Medical ailments and liaising with Allied Health Practitioners.

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