Working As A Personal Trainer

Personal trainer

Personal trainers are the professionals who help clients reach set fitness and health goals using different workouts like cardiovascular, strength training, flexibility and stretching exercises. These individuals may workout at a gym, country club, yoga or Pilate’s studio, or train with the client individually in their home. Personal Fitness trainers work with their clients one-on-one to devise a fitness plan which suits their personal needs.

Usually a personal trainer job description is something along these lines. They set realistic goals for short and long terms, as well as workouts and programs to help the clients achieve them. They motivate, educate and coach their client which helps them in following the programs effectively and safely. They offer advice on changes in nutrition, health and lifestyle. They help their clients through workouts and exercises. They check and keep a record of progress made by their clients by measuring heartbeats, weight and levels of body fat.

Evaluating Client’s Needs

A personal trainer works with their clients to assess and devise an exercise routine that will effectively help them in reaching their fitness goals. The trainer needs to successfully assess the client on their current fitness level, and consider any physical injury or concerns, along with their fitness goals. Often personal trainers offer counselling on nutrition and lifestyle along with exercise plans.

Advising on Technique

A personal trainer observes whether their client is performing all exercises correctly and offers corrections where needed. This requires the trainer to be able to properly show the exercise techniques to their clients. The trainer not only monitors for adequate form but also recommends the weight.

Monitoring Progress

Clients receive one-on-one attention from their personal trainer who will monitor their progress a lot better than a class instructor. A client’s goals can be measured by rep counts, weight lifted, weight loss, body mass index or muscle mass. If the desired results are not being achieved from the current training program, it is personal trainer’s job to make the needed adjustments.

Injuries And Medical Conditions

Ensuring the safety of a client and instructing them in proper technique is the responsibility of a trainer. The client’s safety is the number one priority. A trainer must be able and skilled to administer CPR and first aid in case of any emergency. A trainer needs to also be able to asses and help with muscle injuries and strains. A trainer should possess the basic muscle massage techniques, as well as how to use gauze and tape on muscles for minimizing injuries and pains.

Photo credit: Mitesh Desai