What Do Personal Trainers Do?

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To answer the question “What do personal trainers do?” one can dive deeply into the daily activities of a personal trainer, or we can list even all the responsibilities a PT should or might bear.

To describe it in simple words, the main purpose of a personal trainer is to help the client in achieving their health and fitness goals. Clients achieve success by following a tailor made fitness program, nutrition advice, motivation and one-on-one coaching.

Every good personal trainer designs workouts that are safe, fun, effective and interesting as per the needs of their clients. The training programs personal trainers develop, need to vary and be progressive, and focus on improving clients’ well-being and health. A personal trainer has to be supportive and enthusiastic so that the client remains interested and stimulated. This will help in making sure they stay with that program and with you.

What Do Personal Trainers Do: Day to Day Schedule of a Personal Trainer

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The schedule of a personal trainer can vary on a day-to-day basis. One day they can be booked up completely with clients back-to-back all day, and other days they might only have one client due to cancellations.

Usually work starts in the mornings around 5-6am. In the middle of the day a break is taken, when trainers can work out themselves, eat lunch, devise programs, set up for the next client and rest. The remaining of clients start in evenings from 4pm to 9pm. Personal trainers typically have work days from Monday to Friday with Saturday being a half-day. Most personal trainers don’t have any sessions on Friday evenings.

Personal trainer’s daily schedule is dependent upon the times when their clientele is available. As most folks have a 9am to 5pm routine, a personal trainer usually operates before & after those times.

What Do Personal Trainers Do: A More Detailed Insight Into The Daily Life of a Personal Trainer

Assessing Clients

A personal trainer assesses the fitness level of client’s and takes into consideration any sort of medical constraints or conditions. Often, the trainer will measure the body composition; check the weight, and give the client endurance and strength tests to see what kind of fitness abilities they have.

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Setting Goals

A trainer sets short-term & long-term goals for their clients. Short-term goals can be measurable factors like losing a specific weight, toning up any particular body part or being able to lift a certain weight. The Long-term goals usually are related to weight loss, strength, flexibility and improving overall health and wellness.

Creating a Plan

A personal trainer creates and tailors a health plan for the client, so that it is in line with their client’s short-term as well as long-term health and fitness goal.

Trainers often mix aerobic exercise like running, jogging or elliptical machines and treadmills, with some strength training. There are some personal trainers who also add sport style drills to their fitness plan or classes like yoga or Pilates. They also include nutrition plans, which complement with the fitness plan.

Safety and Technique

Teaching clients how to exercise is a number one priority for personal trainers. Safe workouts are essential.

A personal trainer will show their clients how the exercises should be performed with proper technique. They teach their clients how to hold the correct form and body posture and position so that they don’t injure themselves. It is the job of a personal trainer to ensure that the client maintains the perfect body form during exercise.

A personal trainer also needs to hold a certification in first aid so to be able to help a client out immediately and appropriately in the case of an emergency.


This is one of the subtle yet crucial aspects of the job of a personal trainer. The need to constantly keep their clients motivated and steer them towards their goals as well as make the exercises fun enough so that the client doesn’t lose interest in the routine.

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