The Mission Statement of a Personal Trainer

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The first step towards success in the fitness industry as a personal trainer is to have a personal trainer mission statement. A good mission statement should describe and state what sort of a personal trainer you will be and what type of a personal trainer you wish to be seen as.

A number of things need to be considered when writing a mission statement so that potential clients want to put their trust and faith in you.

The 3 Key Elements of a Personal Trainer’s Mission Statement

When you sit down to write your personal trainer mission statement, you have to be committed to being the greatest mentor for those who are seeking your guidance and help.

Here are a few qualities a personal trainer should possess:

  1. Honesty: Honesty, not just being realistic with yourself and about your abilities but also with your clients.
  2. Determination: Life is not easy and everyday there is a new challenge. So be determined for the sake of your clients.
  3. Willingness: A willingness and flexibility, to be able to not only detect but also mold or possibly change the original course plan if it is not bearing any fruit. You must also be open to the complaints and quires of your clients and be willing to do something about it.

What Qualities Should a Personal Trainer Possess?

A personal trainer can possess a variety of qualities. Sit down and choose the most important qualities from the list below. Then being to write your mission statement.

  2. I will always give my best while committing myself to my clients. The same way I expect them to be 100% committed to me and their own goals. I will commit myself sincerely to my job, my clients and myself.
  4. I will take responsibility for all of my actions and their outcomes. I will own everything that will transpire in my future. I am accountable for all of my results and successes.
  6. I will be committed towards empowering other individual’s through my knowledge of fitness, lifestyle choices and nutrition. Empowerment is not merely helping someone. It goes beyond that, it is empowering them to make healthy decisions about their life confidently.
  8. I will always keep my word and speak the truth. I will be wise in my commitments so that I do not over-commit or oversell myself. I will only make agreements and commitments to my clients that I intend to keep. I will communicate about the agreements that have the potential to be broken and clear up any broken agreements.
  10. I will always be the best example I can be towards my clients. I will show them how to live a healthy lifestyle.
  12. I will always give clear instructions to both the clients and my team members. I believe truthful communications create solid and encouraging relationships. I will be quick to apologize in case of any upsets and immediately look for solutions.
  13. FUN
  14. Fun makes everything a lot more interesting. I will always teach my clients how healthy and fit lifestyle can be made fun by indulging in activities that they actually enjoy doing.
  16. I will be a consistent individual, so that my clients know exactly what to expect of me. I will be a disciplined person at my work space so the results, growths, and successes remain consistent.
  18. I will always encourage my clients to have a balance in their newly found healthier lifestyles and I will also have balance in my life.

Do You Have Any Ideas or Suggestions?

Dou you have any ideas or suggestions on what a perfect personal trainer mission statement should include? Please share with us below!