How to Become a Personal Trainer

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So you have decided that you want to become a personal trainer. Congratulations!

Being a personal trainer is a very rewarding career. However before detailing how to go about becoming a personal trainer you must know that a successful PT should have the following personality traits to make it into the field; you must have good communication skills, be patient, be a good listener even when the client grumpy or moaning or pouring out their heart to you, be able to motivate others, be a morning personal, be willing to always further your learning and of course have an interest in fitness and health.

So now that that is out of the way and you still want to become a personal trainer here’s some details on how to become a personal trainer.

How to Become a Personal Trainer Step 1: Choose a Course

There are a number of schools and companies that offer accredited personal training certificates. Some courses can be done online, some on campus and other have a mix of both.

Make sure that you choose the right course for you that is in line with your goals. The best thing to do is read a number of reviews online to make sure that the school is capable. Be aware that more personal trainer courses have pre-requisites such as having a GED or high school diploma. The best way to find your course is by jumping on google or speaking to your local gym. Be sure you read our articles about personal trainer certifications here at Personal trainer Land also.

If you already have a gym in mind that you want to work for as a personal trainer, check to make sure the gym accepts the certification you are pursuing.

How to Become a Personal Trainer Step 2: Think About Your Specialty

  • Do you want to work one-on-one with clients in the gym?
  • Do you want to do group training?
  • Do you want to specialize in muscle building or weight loss?
  • etc.

There are many questions that you need to ask yourself. Choose a specialty and then check that your course covers exactly what you want to do. You don’t want to be half way through a course and then realize that it’s not right for you. So do your research.

How to Become a Personal Trainer Step 3: Now it’s Time to Study

Once you have paid for your course, it’s time to knuckle down and study.

Becoming a personal trainer is not easy. You will have to learn about the body’s anatomy, exercise techniques, accounting etc.

So study a little every day and then you will be more prepared for when those exams come around. If you find that you are struggling to keep up in class then do not be afraid to reach out and speak to your teachers or anyone in your local gym.

How to Become a Personal Trainer Step 4: Gym or Studio or Freelance?

Once you become certified as a personal trainer and pass all your subjects it’s time to choose a gym, studio or start your own business.

The best thing to do first however is work for someone else. This way you will have experience and then you can venture out into running your own business. Plus this way you will be able to save some money to begin working solo.

You have two options:

  1. Work for a corporation
  2. Work as an independent personal trainer

How to Become a Personal Trainer Step 5: Insurance

You need insurance to cover yourself and your clients. This will protect you from possible court cases that might arise in the future. Before purchasing insurance double check that you gym offers it or not.

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