5 Best Personal Trainer DVDs

Personal trainer dvd

“Personal training is a trade, and we’re the luckiest tradesmen on the world. This is because our tools can always be updated. We choose whether to become obsolete.”

Not many people realize it, but there is so much truth in that statement. That’s because a trainer’s knowledge is their ultimate resource, and knowledge can always be updated.

Unlike other industries, like technology and communications, a personal trainer can stay relevant and at the top of their game right up until retirement.

This is because they can update their knowledge through educational material such as seminars, podcasts and DVDs.

However, while seminars can be very expensive, and podcasts lack the visual element that can help make learning easier.

So, when it comes to cost-effective means of continuing your professional development and updating your knowledge, DVDs still top the list as one of the best resources available to any personal trainer.

The only issue is finding the right one. A good DVD should be informative, thorough in delivering its educational content and highly visual.

Below, we look at the best educational DVDs for personal trainers and healthcare professionals, so you can stay up to date and continue with your career without falling behind.

Personal Trainer DVDs #1: Safe Strength Training For Osteoporosis Prevention DVD

Key Features:

  • Focused on elderly clients.
  • Useful for both personal trainers and medical professionals.
  • Informative and comprehensive.
  • Presented by an ACSM qualified trainer.

Some Drawbacks:

  • Presenter can spend a lot of time talking instead of demonstrating.
  • Some exercises may not be suitable for people with joint pain or similar issues.


This is a great resource for trainers looking to branch out into more health and medicine based fitness fields, rather than the usual aesthetic or sports-based practices.

The video offers a comprehensive overview of the benefits that strength training has for preventing osteoporosis and takes a detailed look at areas like exercise selection, recommended intensities and types of equipment you can use.

Overall, this is a diverse and useful DVD that can be used to help both trainers and medical professionals expand their practice.

Personal Trainer DVDs #2: Deep Tissue & Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) Medical Massage 2 DVD Set

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive content.
  • Detailed demonstrations and instructions.

Some Drawbacks:

  • Expensive.
  • May take multiple views to fully understand the subject matter.


This is also a valuable tool for trainers looking to branch out into different fields. The area of neuromuscular therapy is useful in helping people recovering from injuries, dealing with pain or those looking to prevent injury and improve recovery.

The two videos are split up according to body parts, with the first DVD dealing with treating muscle in the torso, and the second looking at muscle in the arms and legs.

Though the demonstrations are thorough and played through slowly, it still may take a few views and some practice to fully understand the practices taught in the video.

Personal Trainer DVDs #3: Pilates For The Mature Core

Key Features:

  • Popular subject matter.
  • Simple and easy to comprehend.
  • Comprehensive material with multiple training goals covered.

Some Drawbacks:

  • Expensive.
  • May not teach sufficiently intense practices for younger pilates enthusiasts.


Pilates is quickly becoming one of the most popular fitness trends in the industry at the moment. So, whether you’re running your own business, or working for someone else, learning how to instruct this activity is an easy way to ensure you add value to your service.

The Pilates for the Mature Core DVD offers a good beginners guide as well. It’s comprehensive, offering sections on strengthening the core, improving general fitness, reducing arthritis symptoms and helping improve spinal problems.

Personal Trainer DVDs #4: Resistance Band Training for Osteoporosis Prevention DVD

Key Features:

  • Great addition to the Strength Training for Osteoporosis Prevention DVD.
  • Good option for more infirm individuals.
  • Better choice for those with access to limited equipment.
  • Qualified Presenter.

Some Drawbacks:

  • May not offer the intensity necessary for more experienced trainees.
  • Presenter can talk excessively without demonstration


This DVD offers an alternative version of the Strength Training, with a more accessible means of exercising, eliminating the need to work within a gym or buy expensive weights sets at home, by substituting the strength exercises with band alternatives.

This DVD also offers seated and lying exercises for those who may already suffer from osteoporosis and joint pain, which can be useful for trainers who are working with, or looking to work with, older or more infirm clients.

So, if you’re working within a medical setting, or you’re a mobile personal trainer working with an older clientele, this DVD could be a good option, particularly if paired with the Safe Strength Training DVD.

Personal Trainer DVDs #5: Bosu Strength & Athletic Conditioning for Personal Trainers DVD with Douglas Brooks

Key Features:

  • Wide range of exercises covered.
  • Low-cost.
  • Looks at a range of different pieces of equipment.
  • Focus on athletes and high level exercisers.

Some Drawbacks:

  • Access to a BOSU ball is necessary to gain the maximum value from the DVD.
  • Access to a fully equipped gym may also be necessary to maximize value from the material.


For those who are looking to improve their practice in working with clients involved in sport, this DVD offers a great resource that can add variety to your practice.

The diverse range of exercises looked at include the use of multiple pieces of equipment and examine the development of athletic skills such as power, strength, speed and stability.

Overall, this DVD is a good choice if you’re interested in starting work with high level athletes, or considering moving into the sports performance field.


Safe Strength Training For Osteoporosis Prevention DVD

Unlike some other reviews, where the best overall option was a relatively easy choice, this was a very difficult pick.

The diverse range of topics covered with each DVD, and the different markets each are aimed at, makes this top pick more of a personal preference based on what may help the vast majority of trainers, more so than a clear “better” product.

So, if you’re unsure what area you’d like to improve in, or whether you will understand the content of some of the DVDs listed above, then this option will be a great start and should be considered first.