3 Personal Training Books Every Trainer Must Read


Being a personal trainer is a serious profession. Not only do you need to spend time and money to get certified, but you also have to get updated on the latest trends in the field of health and fitness.

As well, since personal training continuously evolves, your education continues beyond getting your personal trainer certification.

The best personal trainers keep an open mind and explore the newest techniques and trends because that’s what it takes to be on top. If you think the principles from 20 years ago haven’t been updated, you are sorely mistaken.

Once you have accepted the fact that the fitness world is constantly evolving, you’ll have the capacity to cater to a wider range of people because of your broader skill set and knowledge base. If you need more help, reading some of the best personal training books like those listed below can help you secure a spot in this field.

3 personal training books every trainer must read

Personal Training Book #1: Personal Trainer Pocketbook

Jonathan Goodman has really taken the world by storm as his book has gained recognition in the UK, the US, Canada and Australia. The Personal Trainer Pocketbook is literally everywhere and has an extremely wide reach. With Goodman’s expert advice, it is really hard to say ‘no’ to this book.

Personal Training Book #2: The Essentials of Strength and Conditioning

The Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning – 3rd EditionEssentials of Strength and Conditioning takes the complex nature of biomechanics, bioenergetics and the physiological responses of the body, and transforms it into something more easily understood.

A standout amongst other personal training books, this particular version covers topics that will definitely help you gain a better understanding of your field. Program design, exercise technique and testing are just some of the topics discussed in this book by Baechle and Earle. It’s a lot of information collated into one neat package.

Personal Training Book #3: Ignite the Fire

Available in Kindle and paperback edition, Ignite the Fire is amongst the most popular personal trainer books that are currently out on the market today.

It goes beyond providing personal training tips; it also includes excellent advice on how to develop a good relationship with clients and how to climb the ladder to success. With so many new personal trainers out there, you would do well to heed the advice in this book.

Personal Training Books on Amazon

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