The Trainer’s Golden List: 7 Must-Visit Health and Fitness Sites for Trainers

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Staying on the right track on your road to sustainable health and fitness might not be as difficult as it seems, especially if you have a trainer that provides you all the help that you need.

However, becoming a reputable health and fitness trainer is a different story.

Once you are responsible for the well-being of other people, you must take great care to ensure that what you are teaching them is not only sustainable but is in their best interests as well.

The safety and security of the client of any personal trainer is of utmost importance, otherwise you could end up in big trouble. After all, you are expected to be the pro in terms of health and fitness. Nonetheless, with the help of these must-visit personal trainer websites, you can definitely ace being a trainer and turn your client’s fitness blues into accomplished goals.

Personal Trainer Website #1: Pop Sugar Fitness

This is the best kind of sugar you’d want to add to your fitness shopping cart. While Pop Sugar is famous for celebrity news and the likes, the fitness section can keep you informed on the latest trends and news.

This is specifically designed to provide you helpful tips, easy-to-do recipes and workouts that even Hollywood stars use. In fact, you can even gain helpful advice from celebrity trainers that are at the top of their field.

popsugar.comfitness Screenshot

Personal Trainer Website #2: Fit Bottomed Girls

Fit Bottomed Girls was intelligently crafted by Erin and Jenn. The site’s goal is not only to provide workout and health tips, but to motivate their readers on their road to fitness as well.

A well-known site for women, Fit Bottomed Girls can help any trainer further inject optimism and happiness to the hearts of their clients. Screenshot

Personal Trainer Website #3: Born Fitness

If you want to remain at the top of your game by fully transforming your clients, then Born Fitness is the site you must not miss.

With the help of Adam Bornstein and other fitness experts, you can learn more about how you and your clients can stay in the pink.

If it’s transformation you want, it’s what you’d definitely get. Be sure to soak up all the information you can because there’s a LOT of it! Screenshot

Personal Trainer Website #4: Fitness Black Book

With the help of one of the most famous personal trainer websites in the biz, you can know everything you need to know that can help you stay ahead of your game.

The Fitness Black Book was developed by Rusty Moore, and it provides handy tips that can teach you how to create a program that really works. Screenshot

UPDATE: After 8 years of successful blogging Rusty decided to start over with a new website. Don’t forget to visit his new website,

Personal Trainer Website #5: Gain Fitness

One of the most difficult tasks of a fitness instructor is developing a fitness plan.

Newbie or not, you will find this site helpful as it provides you an idea on how to create a fitness plan that is based on a person’s individual needs—a plan that really works. It’s developed by a group of expert trainers that guarantee you nothing but success. Screenshot

Personal Trainer Website #6: Alan Aragon

With over 20 years of experience in the field, Alan Aragon has created a website that will help trainers understand their craft using a science-based approach.

His objective studies enable trainers to create a fitness plan that is free from outdated principles and weight loss myths. Screenshot

Personal Trainer Website #7: Athletic Foodie

Trainer or not, you’d know that one of the keys to achieving holistic health is a well-balanced diet.

Garrett Weber-Gale, World Record holder for swimming and an Olympic Gold Medalist, is one of the founders of Athletic Foodie, a website that was designed to provide helpful insights about how to maintain a proper and well-balanced diet.

This will help you create a proper meal plan so that the nutrition aspect of your client’s program is covered. After all, we are what we eat, right? Right! Screenshot

With so many lists out there, it is quite hard to filter the good and the not-so-good personal trainer websites, but with this list at hand, you are on the right track.