5 Best T-Shirts For Personal Trainers

personal trainer T-shirt

Personal trainer t-shirts usually don’t come in first on a trainer’s shopping list. But, in personal training more so than perhaps any other profession, first impressions matter.

I remember seeing hundreds of trainers working hard to post up motivational quotes on Instagram and Facebook in an effort to create an image and brand of themselves and their service.

All the while they were forgetting that their attire in work did just as much to support, or hinder, the impression they gave to others.

Just like how the clothes you wear to an event or on a day-to-day basis impacts how people feel around you, so too is this the case when you’re working.

So, when you’re looking at promoting yourself, or doing some work on your branding, it’s important to remember that your attire says a lot about you.

This is why I put together a quick review on t-shirts for personal training, so you can get a good overview on the choices of attire out there and choose a style that best suits you.

Personal Trainer T-shirt #1: Milky Way Shirts Personal Personal Trainer T-Shirt

Key Features:

  • Professional design, with a full chest print and underlying design centred with bright coloring.
  • Good fit, with accurate size descriptions and a slight taper.
  • Long-lasting and made of tough material.

Some Drawbacks:

  • No option for customization such as using your own logo or title.
  • Very basic design.


This option may be limited in terms of customizable, preventing you from standing out by using your own logo. But, I still think it is a great choice for personal trainers starting out who haven’t decided on a set brand or service.

It’s sleek design also helps draw attention, while the general job title can help start conversation with potential clients and help you look more professional when you’re working.

Personal Trainer T-shirt #2: GreatShirts “Keep Calm…” Personal Trainer T-Shirt

Key Features:

  • Humorous and laid back content and nice design.
  • Available for men and women and in a range of different sizes.
  • Large selection of colors.

Some Drawbacks:

  • Basic fit, no taper or snug fitting.
  • No print on the rear of the shirt.
  • Some older individuals might not understand the reference.


I feel this t-shirt is a great choice for those who are trying to go for a more casual and young client-based.

The well-known message and design will certainly give a more casual and trendy look that could help you stand out and connect with more people.

Personal Trainer T-shirt #3: Muscle Gear’s Personal Trainer Typography T-Shirt

Key Features:

  • Trendy, unique design.
  • Comprehensive and detailed message.
  • Tapered fit.

Some Drawbacks:

  • No design on the back of the t-shirt.
  • Only available in one color.


This is certainly one of my favorite choices, with a very unique design and message, which describes the main areas a personal trainer can help clients improve in.

I think this is one of the best choices a young personal trainer can make to help advertise themselves in a subtle and trendy way.

Personal Trainer T-shirt #4: Swift Pigeon Apparel’s “Better Sore Than Sorry” Personal Trainer T-Shirt

Key Features:

  • Casual and conversational message for experienced gym-goers.
  • Available in multiple colors.

Some Drawbacks:

  • Basic box fit. Not tapered.
  • Slightly pricer than other options.


This is easily the most conversationally-friendly option on the list, opening the door to start talking about both your training with experienced lifters, which gives you a good chance to attract more elite-level clients.

This can help open the door to a new client or help you build connections with other personal trainers, as many practitioners in the field are also avid lifters themselves.

Personal Trainer T-shirt #5: Mashed Clothing “I’m a Personal Trainer…” T-Shirt

Key Features:

  • Self-promoting and humorous message.
  • Nice, eye-catching style.
  • Available in a wide range of colors.

Some Drawbacks:

  • Loose fitting.
  • Some words are a little small and may be hard to read.


This option offers a balance between the pure humour of the “Keep Calm, I’m a Personal Trainer” shirt, and the more serious options.

It also has a colorful design that is sure to stand out in a crowded gym. The humorous angle on the message with the question ending also acts as an ice-breaker and helps you appear more casual, which may help attract more uncertain clients.


So, while the work you do on social media and with advertising is important for attracting clients, don’t forget that your appearance at work and when training yourself can be an important factor in helping to strengthen your brand.

Selecting the right t-shirt goes a long way in developing a good first impression and making networking with fellow professionals an easier task.

Our Best Pick

When looking to develop your brand and attract more business, I feel the best option for you is Muscle Gear’s Typography style t-shirt.

While the design is trendy, it is also easily understandable to older individuals, meaning they can also feel comfortable approaching you. The unique look is also sure to help you stand out from more conventionally dressed trainers.

The t-shirt also lays out the main responsibilities of a personal trainer and can be used as a kind of mission statement to your clients, which can further help with personal branding.

So, next time you’re out looking for gym equipment or doing some research on marketing, make sure you spare a thought for your clothing style and appearance at work.