Top 5 Mugs For Every Personal Trainer

personal trainer mug

I think most people working in the field will agree that personal trainers and coffee go together like peanut butter and jelly.

I remember one particular mentor of mine who used to open up his gym at 6:30am every morning, immediately head to the small kitchen in a side room and prepare some coffee.

He’d then proceed to pour some of his freshly brewed coffee into his mug, which no-one else dared to touch under penalty of death, and watch as the morning gym-rats would flood the main floor.

It only later dawned on me the personal touch the mug added to his appearance, with the words “Lift It” stamped across the cup, it certainly gave a small glimpse into his no-nonsense attitude towards training people, and gave him more complete and professional look.

So, while having your own mug may not seem like a big deal, it can help show observers who you are and allow you to give a personal touch to your work space, while also allowing you to get in your morning cup of joe.

Because of this, I thought I’d take a look at some mugs that are specially designed, and branded, for personal trainers, so you can find one that says something about you.

Personal Trainer Mug #1: JustSayinIt’s “Trust Me, I’m a Personal Trainer”

Key Features:

  • Bright and colorful printing.
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • Confident and positive message.

Some Drawbacks:

  • At 11 oz, some may find the cup a little small.
  • Not transportable.


For trainers like my mentor, who enjoy their morning coffees at the gym and prefer smaller doses of caffeine, this is a great choice.

But, it’s important to make sure that your place of work has a sink or dishwasher so you won’t have to make repeated trips home to clean your mug.

It’s message inspires confidence and may help make you more approachable to passersby, which could help you pick up some new clients.

Personal Trainer Mug #2: CafePress Personal Trainer Coffee Tumbler Travel Mug

    Key Features:

    • Large, 16 oz size.
    • Double-walled insulated stainless steel design to hold temperature.
    • Dishwasher safe.
    • Easily portable, with a carry handle and spill-resistant lid.
    • Funny and casual message.

    Some Drawbacks:

    • Not microwave safe.


    This is a fantastic mug for trainers who are constantly on the go. The ability for the mug to keep drinks hot or cold for hours means it can be used for a range of drinks. It is also large enough to hold most large coffee servings while fitting into most cup holders.

    The message printed on the mug is also light-hearted and funny, giving you a more casual and approachable appearance, which can help you start some conversations.

    Personal Trainer Mug #3: Inked Creatively Personal Trainer Mug

      Key Features:

      • Available in 11 oz and 15 oz sizes.
      • Sleek and unique design.
      • Microwave and dishwasher safe.
      • Comprehensive message.

      Some Drawbacks:

      • Message can be a little difficult to read for others.


      The choice of sizes and the microwave safe design means this can make a great addition to your place of work, home or both. The choice in sizes can also make it an ideal gift choice for different coworkers or loved ones.

      It’s message also offers a positive statement about yourself and can be used with your morning coffee for some motivation when starting the day.

      Personal Trainer Mug #4: Quotes Travel Mug’s Personal Trainer Definition

        Key Features:

        • Insulated to maintain hot and cold temperatures.
        • Compact size.
        • Stainless steel finish and clear printing.

        Some Drawbacks:

        • Shape can be awkward if packing in a bag.
        • Message can be intimidating to fitness beginners.


        This is another good choice for trainers who are travelling frequently or don’t have access to a microwave or a refrigerator. The slick stainless steel finish also helps contrast the dark print to help your message stand out to readers, despite its slightly smaller print.

        But, the slightly awkward shape and smaller size of the mug means that it may fall short of other choices like CafePress’ coffee tumbler.

        Personal Trainer Mug #5: Vitazi Kitchenware’s Yoda Teacher Mug

          Key Features:

          • Bright and colorful design.
          • Trendy reference stands out.
          • Microwave and dishwasher safe.

          Some Drawbacks:

          • Older people may not understand the reference.
          • Small size at 11 oz.
          • Poor design for transport.


          The yoda image and quote is a trendy and unique design that helps promote a positive message about yourself as a personal trainer and is sure to start conversations with some of the younger individuals around your workplace.

          However, the smaller size and youth-focused message means this confines you to a younger gym-based clientele.

          So, this a choice for trainers who are more certain about the type of people they want to work with.


          As can be seen from the choices above, getting your own mug can help your workplace feel a little more personal and welcoming. It also gives you an excuse to grab an extra cup of coffee while acting as a potential conversation starter or an insight into what kind of personal trainer you are.

          The only question left now is which one do I think is the best?

          Our Best Pick For Your Personal Trainer Mug

          CafePress Personal Trainer Coffee Tumbler Travel Mug

          While this mug is designed for travel, the truth is that it can be used when you’re at the gym or on the go. The large size and insulation lets you choose your preferred size and keep it hot throughout the day.

          The carry handle also makes it easy to hook onto a bag or travel belt if you’re spending a lot of time on your feet, which, as a personal trainer, you likely are.

          Also, the “Badass personal trainer” message is also easily noticeable and offers a positive, yet casual message, that will be understood by anyone.

          All of these perks make the CafePress mug my favorite for trainers looking to accessorize their kitchen or workspace.