Tokens of Appreciation for Your Personal Trainer

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Even if you get frustrated at times, admit it: You love your personal trainer. Your personal trainer is the one who encourages you, pushes you to your limits and beyond, goes the extra mile with you on your journey to your fitness goals.

Of course, that is your personal trainer’s job and the reason why you pay what you do every month. Still, it is nice to thank your trainer in some way, such as with a gift. Unless you start really getting to know your trainer personally, this can be a difficult feat to accomplish.

Tokens of appreciation for your personal trainer

How to Start with Personal Trainer Gift Ideas

To figure out what you should get for your personal trainer, start by paying attention to his or her habits. For example: does your trainer drink coffee? Does your trainer have a sense of humor? What type of humor tickles your trainer?

When you find out the answers to these questions, you can really get the search going. Until then, we have found some gift ideas for your personal trainer that could be enjoyable. Every one of the gifts listed below can be found on Amazon, so you can get that gift and do it possibly cheaper than you could by buying retail.

Personal Trainer Gift Ideas: Coffee Mugs

Despite being your example for good health, even your personal trainer might be like you in the sense that he or she just needs a good kick from coffee in the morning. There are several mugs we found for your trainer, including:

These are just three of the available options. Many of these mugs and travel cups have similar text on them, being that it is directly related to personal trainers and/or fitness.

You can even use this handy search box below to find some funny mugs for you personal trainer. But read on, as we have more gift ideas below.

Personal Trainer Gift Ideas: Inspirational Quote Book

Naturally, your trainer is a little more motivated and inspired than you are. This is why your personal trainer works hard to push you toward fitness and greater strength. We found a great book, put together by an author named Cameron M. Clark.

The book is called The Great Big Fitness Quote Book. The book contains hundreds of real quotes by famous athletes, trainers, writers, and other icons. It would naturally be helpful if you could find out beforehand if your trainer already has this book.

In the meantime, show him or her our collection of the 10 best personal training quotes.

Personal Trainer Gift Ideas: Christmas Ornament

Janna Salak Designs is a name among occupational gifts. This company makes all sorts of designs geared toward many occupations, and one of these is a personal trainer.

The item we found was a star-shaped ornament (could be used for Christmas decoration or other uses). On both sides, you see the design, which is a collection of items related to the gym. There is a stopwatch, dumbbells, kettlebells, a jump rope, and more. From this same company, there are also quilt squares, iron-ons, and more.

Personal Trainer Gift Ideas: Humorous Parking Sign

SignMission makes funny parking signs for many occasions. This one is a “Personal Trainer Parking Only” sign, with a warning that violators will work out solo.

Another sign they have is a warning sign that could be posted on a parking space, wall for decoration, or even a yard sign. The sign reads: Warning I’m the Personal Trainer Your Mother Warned You About.


Finding a gift for your personal trainer is easier than you think. Generally (unless you know more about what your trainer likes), you can’t go wrong with something that is fitness related in some way, be it through the product itself, the imagery, or the text. Thank your trainer today with a special gift!

Picture credit: JD Hancock flickr