Personal Trainer Food Review: 28 Days of Meals

Healthy Meal Steak & Salad

It would be nice to know basically what and how much you would be eating for nearly a month. It would also be nice to get every day’s meals in such a way as to be healthy, so you can lose weight and ensure you are getting a lot of essential vitamins and minerals.

That is why there are diet meal plans like Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem® or other famed diets out there, and why people order this stuff every day.

One similar product that is gaining popularity is called Personal Trainer Food. (Please note that this article is a review about the product Personal Trainer Food. If you want to read about what a personal trainer should eat, click on the link.)

About Personal Trainer Food

Personal Trainer Food is essentially a meal plan you purchase and is delivered to your home, for the next 28 days. You select your desired items to make up your meals. You make sure you have enough space to put it all in your freezer. Then you order it and pack it away once it’s delivered.

That’s all there is to it. Personal Trainer Food is packed in dry ice to guarantee freshness and edibility. This is very nice, considering the price tag on this meal plan package, which of course varies based on which plan you choose.

Personal Trainer Food Meal Plans

Personal Trainer Food has 5 meal plans to choose from. This includes one that features two meals a day, another one with three meals a day, a build your own, a plan specifically designed for men, and of course one specifically designed for women. So, for me, one time I could order a custom plan, another I could order the women’s plan, or I could order either the 2 or 3 meal a day plans.

Food Selection

I really like the food selection of Personal Trainer Food as it is pretty wide. There are multiple vegetables and vegetable blends, breakfast, entrees, and vegetables for you to choose from. This will ensure that you get enough variety so you don’t become sick of the food after the first week.

One thing you’ll notice about these meal plans is that there is no bread to be had and no desserts. In fact the only snack foods available are meat sticks, cheese sticks, and nuts. The reason for this is the nutritional aspects of the diet personal Trainer Food offers.

Personal Trainer Food Price

Again, this pack might be a little pricey, but it is cheaper than some other programs. The price varies depending on the selected plan. Check out Amazon’s listing below for current Personal Trainer Food prices.

Personal Trainer Food Pros

There are several advantages you get from ordering Personal Trainer Food. Some of them are:

  • The convenience of a whole month’s (exactly 28 days) worth of food being planned out at once
  • There is a focus on nutrition, plus there are 5 meal plan options to choose from
  • The food selection is fairly extensive
  • You get your portions controlled
  • Costs somewhat less than other meal plan programs

Personal Trainer Food Cons

Of course there are some disadvantages to ordering Personal Trainer Food as well as advantages. Some of these drawbacks of this program/product are:

  • The price
  • Having to ensure there is enough storage for all of the food items
  • There are several negative reviews, mostly dealing with the taste and/or quality of the food


The main plus about these meal plans is the convenience of not having to cook your special diet foods every day. Personal Trainer Food saves you a lot of time and gives you your nutrition, with a nice selection of foods to choose from. I would definitely say this is worth a try.

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