Personal Trainer Christmas Presents

Christmas gifts

If you are like most of us, you have good feelings toward your personal trainer. Part of it is the gratitude you feel for how your trainer got you started, kept you motivated, and helped you reach some important milestones for your health and fitness goals.

Since your personal trainer is someone important in your life, why not get a Christmas gift for him or her? Shopping might be a little difficult, but thanks to the research we did on Amazon, maybe we can make that a little easier for you. The following are some potential Christmas gifts you can get for your personal trainer.

Personal Trainer Christmas Presents: 3dRose LLC Christmas Ornaments

A great gift could be these fitness-themed porcelain Christmas ornaments. They are star-shaped, and there are a few designs to choose from.

One is a nice image of associated equipment such as jump ropes, stopwatches, dumbbells, etc. Another is one that says “Best. Trainer. Ever.” Yet another simply says “Eat. Sleep. Gym.”

Personal Trainer Christmas Presents: 3d Rose Changing Coffee Mug

If your trainer hits the coffee just like you, this mug, also from 3d Rose, could be a nifty little gift. It actually appears a solid black initially, but when you fill it with hot liquid, it changes, revealing a nice design underneath. The Janna Salak design appears on other products as well.

The image printed on both sides and this mug contains no lead. Made of white ceramic, with a high gloss finish, this is a really nice Christmas present for your personal trainer. Also it comes in 2 sizes, 11 oz and 15 oz. So you can make sure you pick the right one, based on how much your trainer loves coffee.

Sports Christmas Items

If you know your trainer has a favorite sports team, you can go shopping with relative ease. For example, we found an item by Forever Collectibles that is sure to be a hit. Your trainer may have a stocking to hang by the chimney with care, but does your trainer have a stocking with his/her favorite sports team logo on it? (Tip: Click on the picture so you can see more colors and teams on Amazon.)

There are also sweaters, Christmas ornaments, and more to choose from, including regular items like duffel bags, tote bags, shirts, plush toys, plus many more. Check out these recommended products from Amazon, but make sure to read on as we have more present ideas below.

Personal Trainer Chrismtas Presents: T-Shirts

There are a lot of t-shirts dedicated to praising personal trainers (or spouses of the same), mostly by ThisWear, Jonny Cotton, and Inked Creatively. There are his, hers, and unisex shirts available.

You can grab hoodies, sweatshirts, and tank tops as well.

Exercise Accessories

Chances are that your personal trainer probably has already heard of every new workout, has the personal equipment he or she has ever wanted, so maybe accessories are in order.

One product found was reflective bands to wear while running. Another, by a company called B2ACTION, has a running belt with an armband that fits Samsung Galaxy phones and iPhones too. The set also has a gift bag with it.


It may or may not be difficult to find a nice Christmas gift for your personal trainer. Most of the ones suggested above are general items related to fitness and sport or the profession of personal trainer itself.

What you end up choosing does not have to be related to the profession or fitness, and that really depends on what you want to do and how well you know your personal trainer. No matter which way you go, it is the thought that counts.