Top 5 Bags For Every Personal Trainer

Woman with bagpack

There are two certainties that you’ll have to face as a personal trainer; you’re going to be moving around a lot and you’re going to be handling awkwardly shaped or heavy equipment.

This is particularly true for mobile personal trainers, who need to travel long distances with a portable gym by their side.

So, if you’re a trainer that is constantly on the go, for either work or pleasure, a high-quality carrying case or bag can make your life a lot easier. It can also help by providing a form of marketing, displaying your brand as you travel and making you look more professional.

But, depending on your lifestyle, different types of bags will suit you better than others. This can make it difficult to pick the right one.

With this in mind, we decided to do a review to find out the best bags for personal trainers, so you can find one that will help you boost your productivity, branding and efficiency.

Personal Trainer Bag #1: TooLoud Personal Trainer Laptop/Tablet Travel Bag

Key Features:

  • Clear, slick printing.
  • Removable print flap.
  • Carry strap and handle.
  • Sturdy material.
  • Large enough to hold most laptops and any tablet.

Some Drawbacks:

  • Can be uncomfortable to carry for long periods.


The laptop is easily the most important pieces of equipment for the online personal trainer, and can be an important addition for regular or mobile trainers too.

So, having a good travel case is essential if you want to keep your laptop or tablet safe and not have to haul it around all day in your arms.

The addition of the personal trainer print will also make you look more professional when you’re travelling or at your place of work.

Personal Trainer Bag #2: CafePress Personal Trainer Canvas Lunch Bag

Key Features:

  • Stylish and trendy.
  • Velcro strap to keep food secure and designed to be spacey for tupperware containers.
  • Machine washable.
  • Humorous message.

Some Drawbacks:

  • No strap. Only a carrier handle.
  • Only enough space for one tupperware container and no space for travel mugs.


For trainers working out of a gym and only requiring a packed lunch, this is a great way to transport your ready-made health foods.

While the smaller size means this bag is better suited for those with a smaller lifters, or those using it to carry a few snacks, it offers a handy and personalized way of keeping your food safe.

Personal Trainer Bag #3: Inked Creatively Personal Trainer Fashion Tote Bag

Key Features:

  • Designed especially for female trainers.
  • Fashionable design and feminine logo.
  • Compartments for makeup, keys, phone and credit cards.
  • Suitable to carry laptops, clothes or small equipment.

Some Drawbacks:

  • Expensive.


Female-specialised products aimed at personal trainers are rare in the fitness equipment industry.

This bag offers a welcome change to that trend, offering not only a feminine fitness bag for trainers, but also a highly fashionable and functional one.

This can be used by online trainers and those based out of a gym for packing essential training gear or your laptop, making it an all-round best choice.

Personal Trainer Bag #4: Personal Trainer Sports Bag

Key Features:

  • Lightweight.
  • Good capacity for equipment, clothing or food.
  • Drawstrings make it secure and easy to transport.
  • Machine washable.

Some Drawbacks:

  • Drawstrings may be too weak for heavier equipment.
  • Not as comfortable as other carrier straps.
  • Basic design.


This is easily one of the more popular choices for personal trainers, and is a functional choice for any type of trainer.

However, online trainers carrying laptops or tablets may find this to be an awkward option and the tablet cases to be far better for their needs.

So, if you’re a mobile trainer looking to pack away some resistance bands, or a bricks-and-mortar trainer working out of a gym, this bag offers a basic and effective choice.

Personal Trainer Bag #5: CafePress Personal Trainer Canvas Courier Bag

Key Features:

  • Large, multi-functional bag.
  • Trendy design.
  • Magnetic seal.
  • Side pockets for added storage.
  • Comfortable carry strap.

Some Drawbacks:

  • Message may be a little intimidating for inexperienced clients.


This bag can be used for everything from carrying gym gear to keeping your laptop, phone and keys safe.

It’s also fashionable for both male and female trainers, no matter what type of training they do. Also, while the message may intimidate some newcomers to the gym, it’s a definite conversation starter and more humorous to advanced lifters.

Overall, there’s little not to like about this bag, and it’s reasonable price means there’s no reason it can’t be added for carrying your work gear.


A good travel bag is one of the best investments that a trainer can make. It can help you with everything from eating better to bringing your mobile training game to the next level.

Just make sure that the type of bag you choose suits your work responsibilities and your preferences.

Our Best Pick For Your Personal Trainer Bag

CafePress Personal Trainer Canvas Courier Bag

When it came to choosing a Best Pick, it wasn’t even close. CafePress’ unisex, trendy courier bag is spacious enough to carry anything and also lightweight and easy to clean.

This makes it an ideal choice for online or mobile coaches, with enough room for laptops or gym equipment like resistance bands or even a TRX strap.

But, it’s also a solid choice for gym-based trainers too, with the bag having separate compartments for your phone and keys or even a travel mug.

Meanwhile the main compartment easily having enough room for multiple tupperware containers to make packing food easy and more enjoyable.