Getting the Necessities on Your Personal Trainer Business Cards

Busines card

If you ever meet a business owner who tells you that marketing is not everything, walk away fast. This is a huge falsehood. Marketing is everything, and it will mean the difference between a full house and an empty one. And this of course also applies for your personal training business.

The thing is, so much attention has been devoted to websites and social media presence that there are some old-school business promotion methods that have gathered dust. For the personal trainer business cards can be indispensable because it adds a personal touch.

Yes, despite the ever-present focus on internet, mobile, and social media, business cards are still a viable and effective method of gaining new business, although it is an underrated and underused method. In fact, not many people realize how crucial it is in helping you develop your brand.

Why Personal Trainer Business Cards Still Work

The reason why business cards still work is because of the personal nature associated with them. Those who get leads from simply handing out their business cards have a couple of things in common.

  • They have that kind of personality that just attracts people
  • They have a business card that looks right
  • They are able to sell themselves and their business
  • They are taking the time to talk to people face to face
Keyboard key

Even in our online era, a business card can be a small key for your big personal trainer business

This can work especially well for you. After all, your title is “personal trainer”, so put some personal into it and generate business with your cards.

Even as a certified personal trainer, getting private clients or applying for personal fitness trainer jobs, it will makes it easier for your future clients or employer to reach you after handing out your well designed and informative card.

Aside from that winning personality it takes to convince people to invest in you and your services, you need the right stuff on your personal trainer business cards.

What Goes on Personal Trainer Business Cards?

Business cards have a limited surface area, so you want to get the most important information onto it as you can. This way, potential clients know what you do and they see you have the skills to provide what you say you do.

Here is the top info you should have on your business card as a personal trainer:

  • Your name
  • Your contact number
  • Your email address
  • Your website (if you have one)
  • Your photo (optional, head shot is fine)
  • Your specialty (whatever training area you are most skilled at)
  • Your title
  • Your most important personal trainer certification

Other Business Card Tips

You will want a blank back side of your card for yourself or the prospective client. As far as graphics go, you don’t want anything too snazzy. Less is more, so don’t put anything too distracting.

A sturdier card is always recommended. Heavy cards seem to go over better with prospective clients than flimsy ones, so choose wisely.

You can customize your personal trainer business card and have them made and ordered (at an affordable price, too!) at Vistaprint where you also have a bunch of business card templates to choose from. All you need to work on now is your presentation to others and engage them.

Good luck!