Some Ideas for Your Personal Trainer Business Cards


As a personal trainer, part of your job is being face to face with clients. You are working in close proximity with them, ensuring that their form is right, along with everything else. Doing so gives you the satisfaction of knowing your clients are well taken care of.

The only drawback to business cards is the limited space. You have to put vital information, but you want to put something catchy there, possibly either in the graphics or in the text, but something that will catch the prospective client’s attention nonetheless.

For the personal trainer business card ideas may be a little tricky. Here are some suggestions for you:

Personal Trainer Business Card Idea #1: Professionally-Made

If you can print your cards yourself and make it look like someone you would normally pay to do it, by all means go ahead. Otherwise, invest a little time and money into have them professionally done.

Business cards represent YOU, so make sure that they:

  • Have correct spelling and grammar
  • Are detailed, yet succinct
  • Are clean and not folded or crumpled
  • Bear your real name
  • Include a professional email address (no or stuff like that)
  • Use good, sturdy cards

Personal Trainer Business Card Idea #2: Graphics

You might want to go with graphics, and if you do, make it interesting, yet keep it related to your services. One thing you could do is have a picture of a pair of dumbbells or something like that.

For a more personal approach, have a small head shot of yourself on the card or maybe even just your silhouette. There are tons of designs you can find online, plus there are sites where you can create your own graphics for your personal trainer business cards.

Head over to Vistaprint or Zazzle, where not only can you find great personal fitness trainer business card templates but you can even order them online. Also you can design your own Vistaprint personal training business cards using templates via Amazon.

Personal Trainer Business Card Idea #3: Finer Details

You may want to say something else, and having your specialty on the card is one way to do it well. You could also use something more personal, like a motto of yours, but remember to keep it short.

Giving your business card some of your personality can be a good thing. It can help you to connect with potential clients.

Some things you could say on your card are:

  • Your specialty
  • Famous quote by a weightlifter
  • Famous inspirational quote
  • Personal Motto
  • You can even add a QR code leading to your personal website

Personal Trainer Business Card Idea #4: Presentation

It’s all about the presentation as well as the location. Where to hand out your business card and how to go about it can be tricky to figure out sometimes. Where and how you present yourself can make the difference between a new client and someone who just threw your card away.

While on a rest break, go over to the new person and recommend they come by for a free technique training session. It gives them something for free and limits the time they have to think about it.

Good luck with your personal fitness training business!