What Business Card Paper Should You Use?

Color paper

As a personal trainer, or any other professional freelancer as a matter of fact, having a business card is a valuable asset, although many would consider it an outmoded method of lead generation. Do not listen to anyone who says that, as they have obviously been missing out on how to do it.

Business cards are just as important now as they were before every business or self-employed individual like yourself had their own website. It’s all in how it looks, how it feels, and of course, how you present it and yourself.

What Matters About Business Cards?

Although they seem like minor details, virtually everything about a business card is important and should be considered.

  • Color
  • Weight (thickness)
  • Special design for certain printers (inkjet, laserjet, etc)
  • Plain or pre-made design
  • Text
  • Font
  • Information
  • One or two-sided

Business Card Paper

Just as everything that is printed on business cards is important, so is the paper that it is printed on, aside from color and thickness. Business card paper matters because it represents quality and you want them to last for a very long time, so finding something within your budget is crucial.

Whether you want to create eco-friendly business cards, premium business cards or even full-color business cards, it is hard to know what paper is the best or even just good enough, so we came up with a few suggestions for you. These are all highly rated business card paper products that you can be guided by.

Desktop Publishing Supplies, Inc.

This company has some very sturdy card papers for you. The cream colored cards are on sheets (10 to a sheet), and they are made from very sturdy 80lb paper. The cards are completely blank until you design and print them.


Geographics has one 65 lb business card paper product that is meant to add a somewhat elegant touch. So keep this in mind when choosing your text and font for this paper.


Avery has numerous paper products for business card printing, including this box of 250 Ink Jet cards. They are heavy card stock, and each sheet not only has 10 cards on it, it also has perforations to help you out even further.

Great Papers!

Great Papers! has some very nice business cards, including these black and silver bordered cards. 250 per box at a reasonable price is a pretty good deal, although it is not known what the weight is.

Business Card Paper: Let’s Recap

  • Avery
  • Great Papers!
  • Desktop Publishing, Inc.
  • Geographics

These are not the only brands available, but as of the publication of this article, these in particular were highly rated on Amazon, minimum 4 stars.

The ultimate decision about your business cards and the paper you use for them is on you, so choose wisely. If you’re not sure, be sure to check out the reviews of each individual product for more information.