Fitness SEO Expert

Fitness SEO Expert Balazs Szilagyi

Hi, my name is Balazs and I’m an SEO expert and consultant specialized in the fitness industry.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, so my job is to help personal trainers and gym owners just like you getting better rankings in Google to reach the ultimate goal: to get you more clients and grow your business.

How Can You Get More Clients From Search Engines?

Whether you are a personal trainer in Manhattan, have one or more gyms in San Diego, or operate a nationwide chain of sport clubs, people are constantly searching online to find the exact services you provide.

And they are using hundreds of thousands of different keywords, literally. We gathered more than 300 keywords in NYC alone that people use to find your services.

These are phrases that people type into Google. Goods news is, they are all different so you have good chance of getting new customers online and growing your business no matter how your current situation is.

Just to name a few of these phrases: “gyms in midtown nyc“, “bronx trainers“, “independent personal training studios nyc“, “fitness queens ny“. And you have more than 300 of these in NYC alone!

SEO Means Free Traffic For You

And the best of all, you don’t have to pay for your website’s visitors who come from search engines via SEO. You might have to pay for your SEO consultant, but you don’t have to pay hundreds or thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars every month to Google or Facebook just because someone clicked on your ad.

This is free traffic. And even better, people visiting your website this way they know they did not click on an ad. So they find the result (i.e. your website) more organic, a true answer to there questions: What gym should I go to? Which personal trainer is the best in my neighborhood?

Grow Your Business Now!

So why don’t you take your chance and find out what is the easiest way for you to grow your business online right now?

Fill out this form and I’ll send you a free analysis about your fitness or personal training website and help you find out your online marketing strengths so you can get the fastest results for your business.

Is there a catch? No. This is completely free. It’s not even a pitch in disguise. I usually work for $1000 and up per month for clients, but I won’t even include my fees in your analysis. You might want to work with me later or you might not. It’s totally up to you. For me, this is my chance so I can show you how you can grow your fitness business or personal training clientele online. But for me it’s fine if you choose not to work with me later.

So don’t miss your chance, just fill out this form and I’ll send you your free website analysis.

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